Anyone can look attractive. Science proves it

Do you want to look attractive? You might think it’s a stupid question because who doesn’t want to look attractive right! The truth is there are many men out there who think looking attractive is not for them. They think they are not good looking. They don’t have expensive clothes. They don’t have attractive face. They don’t have muscles and good physique etc. etc. Truth is looking attractive has nothing to do with expensive clothes, good physique or attractive face. You might be thinking I have lost my mind to make a claim like that. But trust me what I have just written is true.

According to science, your personality traits are more attractive than your physical traits. Physical traits are what we are born with whereas; personality traits are what we develop in ourselves. It means anybody can look good if they do the following things:

Develop a sense of humor

Study has proved that women are more attracted to men that have a good sense of humor. Attraction by sense of humor happens in a subconscious level without either the male or the female making a conscious effort. This is because having a good sense of humor is considered to be an indication of higher intelligence. Genetically women seek these qualities in a mate. Interestingly, the same study also revealed that while men list sense of humor to be an important trait, they do not consider funnier people as more desirable.

Owning a pet

This might seem a bit surprising but study has found it to be true. As per a research led by anthropologist Peter Gray of University of Nevada-Las Vegas, a subject was asked to approach 240 women and ask for their numbers – half the time he would bring a dog along with him, and half the time he would be alone. During the time the subject was with a dog, he got three times as many phone numbers as he did without a dog. And this is not the only study done on the subject. There have been numerous other studies that found a direct link between pet ownership and overall attractiveness.

Growing a beard

I know you kind of expected this point to be there. Guys who have forgotten to shave during the ongoing lockdown, need not touch the razor anytime soon. A study was conducted in which 8520 women participated. These women predominantly viewed heavy stubble in men to be most attractive more so than clean shaven or heavily bearded look. Men with heavy stubble were found suitable for short-term relationship while men with thicker beard for potential long-term relationship. So guys if you want to move forward in your love life, it’s time to put the razor down and look for a trimmer to trim those beard.

Hanging out in groups

Interestingly, a study has now revealed that people appear more appealing when they are seen socializing in a group. This is because when people are taken as individuals, they are found to be less attractive than when they are part of a group. The result is not gender specific. Similar results have been found in the groups of all men, all women, and a mix of both.

Being nice

It appears what our parents have been telling us for years is in fact true i.e. be nice to people! A research was conducted wherein 120 people (males and females) were shown pictures of 60 strangers who had neutral facial expressions. They were asked to judge the faces based on their attractiveness. None of the people saw any personality descriptions on the faces. They were then divided into two groups and asked to rate the attributes of each person in the picture. One group would read positive attributes while the other group would see negative ones. When the negative and positive of each person in the picture was introduced, as expected, people found pictures with positive attributes more attractive than the negative ones. Contrary to popular perception that women find ‘bad boys’ more attractive, it seems being nice can also help you land a date.

Responsible with Money

Women are attracted to men who can handle their money well even if they don’t have an attractive physique or a fancy car. In a study, 2000 people were questioned whether they find financial responsibility to be important in a potential partner. An astonishing 69% of the people said they found financial responsibility to be an attractive trait. In fact, they even placed it ahead of sense of humor or physical attractiveness. If you have been handling your money well while maintaining a healthy credit score, you should be feeling happy about it.

Consider wearing sunglasses

A study was conducted at University of Nottingham that found that wearing a pair of sunglasses can make anyone look attractive. The study found that a pair of Ray-Ban can even turn an average looking person into an attractive person. The reason is sunglasses obscure the eyes thus creating an air of mystery around the wearer which increases the attractiveness of the wearer. Sunglasses also improve facial symmetry by obscuring any inconsistency around your eyes. Its time to invest in a nice pair of sunglasses.

Wear perfume

Body spray, colognes and perfumes have the power to make a person more appealing. You should choose fragrance that work with your natural body odor. A study conducted in 2012 showed that fragrance don’t just mask odor-they mingle with body odor, and fragrances that interact well with the body odor are perceived as more appealing. However, if fragrances are overdone, they can also repel people. The mantra is “moderation”.

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