About Me

My passion for reading and sharing it with others convinced me that I needed a blog. This blog is a platform where I share my experience with different things (mainly books).

I come from the small town of Guwahati. I presently live in Delhi but the small town boy in me is pretty much alive. I am a graduate in English literature and it was my passion for higher education due to which I ended up with a diploma in Mass Communication as well as an MBA. I finally stopped after a certification in Digital Marketing. I want to keep the momentum going by continuing to learn new things even if I don’t go for a degree in the subject.     

I have changed my work profile several times and worked with several companies in my career. I started working with a call center back in 2005. After a year, I joined a US based bank (Bank of America) handling their back office operations. Then I joined another US based bank (Amex) where I was responsible for handling credit card disputes. I worked there for a year before quitting in 2010. I then decided to work at an MLM (Speak Asia) after someone convinced me to take a shot at it. It was growing at a rapid pace at that time in 2010 and I made some decent money. The company tanked after only a few months.

I then decided to pursue higher education from abroad. I somehow managed the funds and got admission at University of Bedfordshire in the UK. I left for UK in February 2012 and stayed there for the next two years. I studied hard and completed my MBA with flying colors. I returned to Delhi in 2014 and found the job situation to be completely different than what I had anticipated. Finding a decent and high paying job was not easy at the time. I had loads of free time with nothing to do other than applying for jobs and visiting career consultants. That’s when I decided to pursue a certification in Digital Marketing after a friend’s recommendation.

During this time I also started working with a company where I was able to apply my digital marketing skills. I have since worked with 3 more companies in the field of digital marketing. I also tried my hands in an online business where I was selling a beauty product for men on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. Three years after it was launched, the business is still running but it is on life support at the moment.

I have decided to write this blog mainly for my love for writing and secondly to share with others my experience so that they can make a more informed decision before investing their money on something. This is the idea behind this blog. Besides, what better way to use my digital marketing skills than to actually starting a blog and practicing it.

Hope you find this blog interesting and worth investing your time!